Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions constitute the acknowledgment, acceptance and agreement between Show Pony Events (‘the Company’) and the Client (“the Client”).

  1. Quotes are valid for 7 days only, then cancelled after this period.
  2. 50% deposit required for all bookings to secure and reserve stock and services.
  3. 10% cancellation fee on all bookings once deposit paid up to six weeks before the event.
  4. 30% cancellation fee on all bookings within six weeks of the event.
  5. 50% cancellation fee for cancelled bookings within four weeks of event.
  6. 100% cancellation fee applies for bookings cancelled within one week from event date.
  7. Full payment is required four weeks out from event date.
  8. When making your deposit or full payment, please quote your INVOICE NUMBER in Reference section of transfer.
  9. Failure to receive payment on the due date will result in a late payment fee of 10% and for each 14 days thereafter until payment is received. 
  10. Cancellation policy:
    1. 10% cancellation fee applies to all bookings once the deposit is paid plus any out of pocket expenses.
    2. 30% cancellation fee applies if cancelled within 4 weeks of the event date.
    3. 100% cancellation fee applies for bookings cancelled within 1 week of the event date.
    4. No additional fees applied if event is postponed due to COVID.
    5. We reserve the right to invoice the Client for work completed on a contract if the contract is cancelled by the Client post signing. The work completed will be assessed against time expended at planning meetings, event research and development and coordination. This fee will be billed to the Client against the scope of works already completed at the time of cancellation.
  1. All invoices include a damage waiver. The damage waiver is charged at 8% of the hire charge and is NON-REFUNDABLE. The damage waiver does not apply or cover any other damage to or loss of Equipment including, without limitation:
    1. Damage resulting from overloading, exceeding rated capacity, misuse, abuse or improper use of Equipment;
    2. Damage or loss due to disappearance of the Equipment;
    3. Damage to, or loss of, the Equipment from any unknown cause.
  1. If any of these occur the Client is liable to replace or pay the cost of replacement for the stock & equipment loss or damaged.
  2. Quotes are prepared with all care from your instructions however any changes to your specifications will require re-quoting.
  3. All design briefs are valid for 30 days from preparation date, outside this time frame may be subject to review and stock availability
  4. Quotes and Design briefs are prepared with care from your instructions however any changes to your specifications will require re-quoting
  5. Please check Design briefs, designs, layouts, maps and graphic’s prior before event commencement date and inform the Company of any discrepancies
  6. If an item is to be custom made for the Client and the Client wishes to cancel the item and/ or event after commencement of fabrication, sourcing or purchasing. The Client is liable to pay costs associated to the item in question.
  7. Stock availability – please note that until a deposit is paid, stock is not secured against your event and will be subject to availability at the time of confirmation of payment.
  8. Initial Consultation is free – any further meetings or site visits incur a fee, unless requested by the Company.
  9. A free mock up consultation is provided once a deposit is paid, further mock ups may incur extra fees.
  10. Changes made by Client or venues regarding Bumping in and out dates/times/location/ access may be subject to additional fees.
  11. Rush orders and last-minute bookings may incur additional surcharges to cover staff overtime costs.
  12. Delivery, set up & Pack down fees apply based on items hired set up requirements/ special equipment/ time/ day/ date and venue access.
  13. Where it has been agreed between the Company and the Client that Equipment is to be delivered and/ or installed to an address/ venue specified by the Client. The same shall be available to be picked up at the specified date arranged at that address on the last day of the hire period.   If access is not possible and/or the Client has not returned equipment by close of business on the last day of hire, then the Company must be notified immediately and fees may occur.
  14. Hire of Additional Equipment after the commencement of hire and any changes that are requested by the Client, will incur additional fees, including delivery fees.
    1. All items must be collected or returned by the Client when it is due back.
    2. If the Client wishes to continuing hire, a fee for all stock not returned to the Company when it is due back will be charged to the Client, at the standard weekly rate of hire, until the Equipment has been returned to the Company.
    3. The Client shall give appropriate notice in writing to the Company if any extension or termination of the hire is requested.
    4. No refunds will be issued for the early return of Equipment.
  1. Charges apply for Event Management, supervision or coordination services
  2. Charges apply for Event guidance and/or requested creative theming or concept
  3. All Equipment supplied on hire is the property of the Company and remains so until it is returned to the Company. The Client will be responsible for the Equipment until it is returned and deemed by the Company that the Equipment is in good condition.  Reasonable wear and tear is excepted.
  4. It is the Client’s responsibility to make judgment as to the suitability of the Equipment for a particular need or event.
  5. The Company will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any items supplied by the Client for set up that are not the property of the Company.
  6. The Company will not accept cancellation of an order due to late delivery, nor shall it be liable for consequential damages of any kind arising out of late delivery or non-delivery.
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